We want to welcome you to the School of Ministry 2020.

If you have not yet chosen a devotional study to do on the alternative week, please choose one in the form below.

We would really encourage you to work through the devotional study at whatever pace suits you in the week, so you may choose to do it all in one day or do a little each day. On completion we would like you to fill out the SOAP part of the devotions at the bottom of each lesson.

This will help us to understand how you are going and how we can help in anyway. The SOAP part of your devotion will be past onto the person that will be mentoring you as well in the first part of each Thursday night when you attend the class. Each week you will receive a new link to the next lesson.

Please aim to submit these in by the end of each week, all of the devotional studies can be done online on Computers, iPad, Tablet or Smart Phones.

There is also an area after the SOAP questions that you can write in if you have any questions or queries about the topics that have been covered.

God bless you as you work through these studies.

If your from another church please let us know which one in the comments

If you were not able to make the first night, I have included two videos on this page.

The first is just an outline of what you can expect in the SOM 2020 and the second is the message I shared to all the students.

I would love you to take a moment to watch the teaching video on the testing and proving of God. I believe it is one of the most important lesson and one of the most vital principles to understand if we want to be and continue to be fruitful and effective in the ministry.

Like everything in the School of Ministry I would really appreciate your feed back on the lesson.

So go make yourself a cuppa, sit down somewhere comfortable or in front of the computer or where ever you can watch this online, grab a pen and paper and make some notes. As I will reiterate throughout this course, we are not aiming at the head to fill it with knowledge but we are aiming at the heart as you allow God to speak to you as you meditate on the scriptures and on the word.

SOM Introduction

SOM Teaching Lesson 1