September is our First Fruits Miracle Offering

This is always an exciting time of faith and expectancy.
– As a church we believe that our tithe belongs to God, it is a set amount and we give it back to God
– If we don’t understand the principle of stewardship we will never understand the principle of tithing
– The Christian Life is a life of stewardship, managing God’s property and resources|
– Our offerings we get to bless others, they are a free will offering with no amount required
– The principle of offerings is you reap what you sow

With the first fruits offering we get to bring a faith offering based on what we are believing and expecting your harvest to be in the next season

Giving Details:

Account : 648760
please mark as First Fruits

I have preached two messages on First fruits that have been uploaded and can be heard online at Sound Cloud.

As we give of our first fruits I want you to write down what you are going to believe God for in this next season and put it in a place where you can make these faith confessions daily. We have to understand that when you bring an offering to God you are entering into covenant partnership with God. The first fruits offering was a covenant believing God would bless their season, their harvest. That God would grant them prosperity in the coming season.
I preached two powerful messages on: What God will do for those that bring the first fruits offering to him

Our heart is that as you prepare to GIVE that you will also prepare your CONFESSION and what you are going to believe God for in this next season. God promises he will do all of these things for the one that brings in his first fruit offering. Remember that our offerings are presented as a covenant with God.
– Protection
– Guidance
– Unfair Advantage or favour
– Deliverance
– Blessing On your food, On your health, Fruitfulness and Long Life
– Victory over your enemies