The timeline of a leader’s development

Lesson 4

A Godly leader is a person with a God given capacity and God given responsibility to influence others towards Gods purpose

This time line will help you understand the different phases of growth we go through as a leader

Leadership Development

Foundations Self-Growth Ministry Growth Life’s Experiences Convergence Fruitfulness


This is summed up as the life experiences we have had both positive and negative to lead us to the place of wanting to serve God

  • As every person’s life is totally unique and individual, we have to be able to take our life’s experiences and give them up to God. Php 3:10-14
  • Dealing with the past in such a way to press on with God
  • Dealing with the hurts and hang ups of the past
  • Dealing with failed relationships
  • Dealing with life’s controlling issues
  • Identifying wrong patterns of behaviours
  • Breaking strongholds


This is the time when the spiritual foundations are being developed in a leader’s life

  • The spiritual foundation and disciplines that are developed in this phase of life will be the building blocks for all future growth. 1Co 3:10-13
  • By the grace God has given me, I laid a foundation as an expert builder, and someone else is building on it. But each one should be careful how he builds.
  • What are the essential foundations for a leader to develop?
  • You need to develop your gifts and talents
  • You need to discover your personality traits
  • You need to deploy your unique ministry

Growth indicators

  • The Integrity Checks (This is where our character is tested)
  • Our values, our convictions, our loyalty and trustworthiness
  • Our ability to keep confidentialities
  • Self-disciplines
  • Submission to those in authority
  • Obedience Checks (This is where our willing to obey God’s leading and guiding in our life)
  • Gen 12: Willing to serve and pursue God’s plans
  • Gen 22: What is God asking you to lay down on the altar
  • Luke 16: Responsibility with finances, tasks and serving another man’s vision
  • Eph 4-6: Obedience in building biblical relationships
  • Mat 6:33 Obedience in priorities
  • God’s Word Checks
  • James 1:1-12 How does our faith endure in the trails
  • James 1:22 Putting God’s word into practice
  • Mat 7:24 Our doctrine is on a firm foundation
  • Eph 1:17 Our pursuit of wisdom and revelation

Ministry Growth

This is the stage where we learn to take on a ministry responsibility

  • Mat 25:20 Faithfulness is the yard stick, the measuring rod by which God measures your ministry assignment
  • Faithfulness begins with kingdom responsibility
  • Mat 25:21 The result of faithfulness is more responsibility
  • Here we will start shaping our vision and mission for ministry
  • The training and equipping for ministry is developed
  • The necessary skills for ministry are learnt and developed
  • This is where their future potential is being honed
  • This is where we have to deal with our leadership lids
  • Then the process of discipleship is reproduced, we are discipled then we go out with what we have learnt to disciple others 2Ti 2:1-2

Growth Indicators

  1. Has a clear Calling
  2. Accepts responsibility well
  3. Has a servant heart
  4. Develops the necessary skills and gifting’s through training and equipping
  5. Develops the necessary skill to deal and relate to people
  6. Develops firm convictions
  7. Learns to develop and equip others

Life’s Experiences

This is the stage where we harness life’s experiences and utilise them for ministry effectiveness

  • God never wastes an experience both God and bad can be used for His glory. Gen 50:19-20
  • Recognising that the enemy is out to sabotage our destiny
  • This is where true character and integrity for ministry is seen
  • This is where our true dependence on God is developed


  • This is the stage where our life’s experiences and our ministry collide for kingdom fruitfulness. 2Co 1:3-5
  • God wants your life’s lessons to become wisdom to help others
  • He wants to turn your tests into your testimony
  • This is where you can clearly identify your ministry function
  • This is the place of ultimate focus in ministry
  • God will build the leader before he builds the ministry
  • The only hindrance here will be lack of personal development
  • This is where our leadership potential is maximised


This is the stage where fruitfulness is multiplied and maximised

  • The growth and maturity of a leader is recognised
  • The character and integrity is recognised
  • Their wisdom to lead and mentor others is recognised
  • Their capacity as a leader is recognised
  • The fruitfulness of their ministry becomes evident

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As disciples we don't always need more information but we need new revelation from God. Is there a certain part of the teaching that you loved, that stood out for you or you felt God was giving you insight into it?
Discipleship is all about learning God says. What was something new that you learnt in this lesson?
Putting God's word into practice is the greatest thing we can do. Was there a lesson, a principle or a promise that you can put into practice in your life?
The greatest part of discipleship is taking what you have learnt and sharing it with someone else. What part of this lesson could you pass on to others?
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