If you are new to Sound City Church and would love to invite you to be a part of our starting point, this is the first step for every person that would like to be a part of Sound City Church.

  • Our Starting Point is run over two-weeks directly after the church in our Guest Lounge, there will be snacks and refreshments provided.

Week one you will learn all about the heart and vision of the church

  • Come hear from our pastors and a little of their testimony.

  • You will hear about our church structure and what makes us who we are today.

  • Discover how we can encourage you in your walk with God.

Week two you will get to learn about how God has designed you with gifts and talents so that you can make a kingdom difference in the life of the church

  • You will get to meet the leaders of our different departments.

  • You will get to find how you can use your gifts and talents in the church to bless others.

Sound City Rockingham

Rockingham WA
5 McCamey Ave | 9AM