Sunday Feb 11th at 9:15 am

This will be run during our Sunday Service

As you have recently joined Sound City Church, we would love to invite you to be a part of our next STARTING POINT.

This is an integral step for every person that would like to know more about the church and how to get involved.

Our STARTING POINT will be run during our church service in our boardroom. Our worship team will let you know at about 9:15 that this will  be starting and you can make your way towards our offices in the foyer of the church.

 This will run from 9:15 am to about 10:30am and there will be a light snacks and refreshments provided.

Our Sunday School will start early so your kids will be catered for at the same time.

Can’t Wait to catch up and share our heart for the church.

Ps Darrol and Alison Mullany

We’ve included the story of our Pastors below for you to watch before coming to our Starting Point

Please RSVP

Sound City Rockingham

Rockingham WA
5 McCamey Ave | 9AM