Thank you so much for your feed back from Lesson 2

In lesson 3, I want to share practically on how we can lead our church through our Next Steps

Imagine if we could get all our leader in the church on the same page.

  • Imagine how powerful it would be if the whole church began to speak the same language.

  • We began to have a common pathway to lead our people through discipleship and into maturity.

That is why we sat down and created a pathway for every person that comes to our church, with a common pathway and common goal for every person.

  • As leaders our role will be to find out what that next step is and lead our people through our next steps pathways

  • Often people are looking for the key do something outstanding or take a giant leap

  • The key to growth, is simply helping people find out what their next step is

Here is your homework for lesson 3

  1. I want you to do a survey of your team and find out which step each one would be up to.

  2. Create a plan of how you can begin to implement these steps for each person on your team.

Leadership Appointments. I will look forward to catching up with you soon, please let me know when would be a suitable time.

Please complete and submit this part of  lesson.
When we receive your homework, we will send you the next leadership lesson link.
We are looking forward to seeing what God has revealed to you in His Word and through this Study.

As disciples we don't always need more information but we need new revelation from God. Is there a certain part of the teaching that you loved, that stood out for you or you felt God was giving you insight into it?
Discipleship is all about learning God says. What was something new that you learnt in this lesson?
Putting God's word into practice is the greatest thing we can do. Was there a lesson, a principle or a promise that you can put into practice in your life?
The greatest part of discipleship is taking what you have learnt and sharing it with someone else. What part of this lesson could you pass on to others?
If there are any questions or queries about this lesson or regarding the school of ministry please feel free to ask.