Hey Team,

Thank you so much for your input at our last leadership meeting.

Leadership Connect will be the 19th of Nov

We are in challenging place but together we can see the church moving ahead and growing week by week.

Last Meeting

At the Last meeting we got a lot of great feedback from people which was awesome.

I shared how we are in a crisis as a church as we are seeing some of the lowest attendances we have ever seen.

1) Out of that we discussed that each leader should have a person or a group of people that they are looking out for and responsible to shepherd and lead them., and to follow them up when they are missing from church for a few weeks.

2) The other issue that was raised was our communication: We have chosen to use Elvanto as our church membership platform and the only two means of communication within Elvanto is SMS and EMAIL.

I shared the frustration I have of people failing to reply to the Leadership Correspondence. There seems to only be three reasons that people do not reply.

  1. People don’t understand what is required.

  2. People don’t see it as important.

  3. People just outright refuse to respond.

Can I please urge you, if you don’t understand what is required, please come and seem me and I can show you what needs to be done. Your feed vital is highly valued and very important to help us work together as a team. So, I would really, really appreciate your replies.

 It is also vital that the reviews and reports are done each time we meet.




4) It was suggested that at this next connect that all our leader get a few minutes to share exactly what it is that they do and what responsibility they have in the church. SO PLEASE PREPARE FOR THIS.

5) It was also asked that we could communicate our processes clearly to all leaders.

6) It was suggested that we better advertise our connects and departments better in church as we promote them.

7) Our next Leadership Connect will be the 19th of Nov at 11am in the Café.


In the last leadership news that I sent out I spoke about Alignment and the lesson we can learn from the GEESE that fly in formation.

1.Geese fly together, they share a common goal and direction

As Geese fly in a perfect V formation. Studies have shown that flying in this way and using this kind of “teamwork” adds 71% more flying range for the geese than if they flew on their own. This is because as each bird flaps its wings, it creates and ‘uplift’ that reduces air friction for the birds that follow.

The way we can harness this uplift is as we work together with a common goal to see everyone within our church moving through the NEXT STEPS pathway, beginning with our Starting Point and helping to lead and disciple them.

This month I want to focus on the lesson:

2.Geese stay in formation

Whenever a goose falls out of formation it suddenly feels the drag and resistance of trying to fly alone, and quickly tries to get back into formation. The formation not only makes it easier for the birds to fly, but it increases a flock’s overall visibility too as well as their power to be seen.

The lesson that we can learn from these geese is that as we established a good team, we need to stay together and work together.

Synergy cannot be created by a single person working in isolation, so it is important to stick together.

As we learn to build team, a sense of community emerges from a willingness to work together in synchronicity.

Community simply comes from the word Common Unity

We understand that where there is unity, there God commands a blessing, but where there are people working in isolation or independently, we forfeit that blessing.

In our last Leadership connect it was noted that there seems that everyone is busy doing their thing and functioning in their department but there is a disconnect between the leaders.

As a pastor I have come to realise that it is our vision and mission and goals is what give us that clear and defined unity as we work together on these common goals and purpose.

As the geese find when people are flying out of formation there is far more drag and resistance than when they fly in formation.

As a team we are going to work very hard at improving our formation.

We will talk more about this in our next leadership connect.

I would really appreciate your feedback as a leader and to let me know how you think we are going as a TEAM

What are we doing well? What can we improve? What do we need to implement?
What are you doing well? What can you improve? What do you need to implement?
Do you know where your team or people are up to with their NEXT STEPS.
What area do you need to move forward in and how can we help you.
Here is the link to the online studies:
Is there any specific areas you would like to cover or know more about.