Has your Spiritual Growth Stagnated 

Jesus never called us to be Christians, He said his followers would be Disciples

The word disciple is very close to the English word discipline. To be a disciple requires the achievement of spiritual discipline.

In the business of life where so many people are time poor if you do not become disciplined to study the Word of God we will lose that fire and effectiveness that was once in our lives.

Just like a fire that is not fuelled our Christian life can become lukewarm if we are not constantly fuelling our faith.

If professional sports when people start to stagnate their coach does try to teach them new tricks but gets them to bot back to the fundamentals, the essentials of the sport.

To help you refine we have an excellent short course called Faith Foundations by David Platt

10 Essential Christian Truths

Whether we have been Christians for years, discovered faith in Jesus recently, or are still wondering what it’s all about, we share similar questions about why and how to live out our faith.

We wonder, what are we made for? What does it look like to know God deeply? Why are we called to reflect his light to those around us and how do we do that? Join author and pastor David Platt in his ten-session series as he examines foundational truths for becoming mature disciples of Christ.

Each session is about 10 minutes only and you can do it daily or weekly and in your own time and at your own pace.

If you are keen, please respond back to our School of Ministry email and we will send the course out to you.


This is just part of the great video courses available.