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Ps Peter Robertson: We had a blessed message from Ps Peter who is a great worshipper, musician and a lover of the presence of God. Both Peter and Christie blessed Sound City Church with his ministry

Ps Darrol Mullany: As part of our Presence, Power and Purpose series preached on the Tabernacle of David and the pattern of Worship that David established that was totally prophet of the New Testament Worship. God’s heart is for the pattern of the Davidic Tabernacle to be rebuilt in our day and age and we look at the implications and practical outworking of that in the New Testement.

Ps Alison Mullany: Ps Alison preached into what we see as a as part of our destiny on the pattern of praise and worship.

Ps Denice Weaver: Preached a great message at our Rockingham Campus on the Presence of God, we have been focusing on the Presence, Power and Purposes of God.

Ps Nick Gwynn: Preached a great message at our Baldivis Campus on the Father heart of God. When you catch His heart your life will be radically revolutionised.

Ps Darrol Mullany: Here is an great message on the Jesus method of Evangelism, unfortunately over the years the church has adopted the John the Baptist turn and burn style instead of embracing the teaching of Jesus that was full of grace and goodnews bringing hope to people.

Dr Ashley Crane: Wow Pastor Ashley Crane preached an incredible message about tithing on Sunday. This message is so key to seeing God’s blessing as we seek to establish his Kingdom and his Kingdom blessing

Ps Darrol Mullany: One of the greatest tests in the Christian life is do we react to circumstances or do we respond to the what God says about our circumstances.

Ps Darrol Mullany preached on understanding the power of Compassion. Unfortunately the church often operates far more in sympathy that in Compassion.

Ps Kevin Forlong preached a dynamic message that really spoke prophetically into the life and vision of the church. We trust that you enjoy this podcast